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The M4app - Overview for Attorneys

We can show you how easy it is to use the M4app© and our web-based communication tools make life easier for everyone. Attorneys can track cases in real time. Improved service status notification enables you and your staff to manage the cases and help to keep the sales from being postponed. Faxes and phone calls back and forth between your office and each sheriff's office are significantly reduced. Over time, the M4app© will save your clients money and streamline your office workflow dramatically.  There is no direct cost to the firm to use the M4app. We control the cost of the sale by optimizing the required advertising and are compensated by sheriffs at the schedule of distribution from the plaintiffs deposit.

We invite all foreclosure attorneys to participate in the Pennsylvania Sheriff Sale Automation Initiative. There is only one new requirement: In addition to mailing the traditional casework packages to each county as you do now, your firm must be able to submit to the M4app© a digital version of the case information, including the full legal property description.

We have several methods of submitting case data.  Our New Case Form enables law firms to submit cases quickly and easily without any additional “IT” resources being deployed.  The full value of the M4app© is realized by those law firms who routinely use "document-merge" functions to automate document case file creation. If your firm routinely merges case data into "boilerplate" document templates, which are then saved, printed and archived as distinct legal documents, then you have the ability to use the M4app. If you use Microsoft Office© or WordPerfect Office©, you can also perform these data merge functions.  Our third submission method is a web-service application. It has been developed to provide direct server-to-server connectivity for data exchange between your case management system and the M4app servers. This may require a robust coding effort from your “IT” department.

If you already have a digital version of the legal property description for all cases, or if your firm is committed to creating a digital version of the legal property description on a regular basis for each case, then call our technical services desk at 570-784-3050 and we will be delighted to set up your M4app© user account.

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